Joining the 47th Regiment of Foot

I want to join. What should I do?

Send us an e-mail Scott@47thregiment.org and express your interest. You will be invited to attend an event or two as a guest where we will equip you so you may participate. This will allow you to see if re-enacting and the 47th are right for you. Once you’ve decided we are the group for you start building your uniform with guidance from unit leadership. Please read our membership book, it explains much of our methods, uniform and standards

What does Membership get me?

The obvious part is you get to participate in historical re-enactments, but their is really much more to it than dressing the part.

You will travel to and live in historical buildings and forts.

You will learn period tactics, drills and maneuvers and use them on the field of battle.

You will live history, not just learn about it.  It provides an understanding of history that cannot be gained in any other way.

You will develop lasting friendships within the 47th family and re-enactment community.

Gallery: Unit in Action